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How A Home Generator Works

A home standby generator is installed outside your home. It is connected to your homes electrical service and a fuel supply, typically natural gas, or LP tank. The generator system is constantly monitoring the presence of utility power. When the generator system detects the loss of utility power it automatically starts within seconds. Once the generator is up to operating speed the transfer switch will transfer the electrical load over to the generator system and any items connected to the generator will now be powered up again. The generator will continue to run until the utility power is restored whether it be for a few minutes or days. Once the power is restored to normal, the generator will run a few minutes longer and shutdown and return to standby mode until needed again. Best of all the whole process is fully automatic, there is nothing for you to do (no messy gas cans, extension cords, etc.)

Whether you wish to have backup power for the essentials in your home such as your refrigerator, heat, lights, security system, garage door opener, or wish to have backup power for your entire home our professional electricians can design a system that is right for you.

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